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FAR STARS is a sci-fi rpg shooter with a top down or 90 degree angle perspective which will be available for Android, iOS, Mac, PC and Ubuntu ( Linux ).

Our team is composed of 3 determined members: Cesar Villame aka Zesthar, an amazing artist from the Philippines, Samantha Foster, an adventurous soundtrack composer from the United States, and me, Hugo Barbáchano, an obsessed coder and game designer from Belgium.

The game takes place in an infinite galaxy far far away. Explore at your own risk, as it will not be a walk in the park and life is not permanent in this universe.

There are two separate gameplay modes:

Space Exploration: Fly your customized spaceship throughout open space, battling aliens while dodging asteroids and gathering hard earned loot.

FAR STARS spaceship

Planet Exploration: Land on planets and explore on foot their vast and dangerous ecosystems battling different alien species armed with your own crafted weapons and vast mental powers while discovering ancient artifacts and again, gathering hard earned loot.

Crafting plays an important role in the game:

- Craft a personalized arsenal of badass weapons and armors.

- Upgrade and expand your ship for a stupid amount of fun.

Your feedback is IMPORTANT to me, you can send it to farstarsgame@gmail.com or participate in the forums

Astro suit


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